Born on July 28th, 1983 in Valencia, well known Spanish city where spring from its surroundings, the considered best citrus in Europe. The desire of his father for maintaining the family farm tradition was truncated when Salvador Chanza, stood at the gates of study agricultural engineering and tilling an alternative path in learning a seemingly obsolete office, the barber .

In his hard path to promote the know-how and elegance of such craft, Salvador, managed to be attributed merit to merge tradition with modernity, something that seemed impossible in this guild. Rescuing the most ancient techniques of cutting and shaving, at the same time creating excellent multimedia content, this Spanish barber, got in 2010, his headquarters known as 59ers Barber Shop was cause for pilgrimage among many gentlemen from throughout the Spanish geography. It was no wonder that this barber shop was one of the best in Spain.

However, ever restless mind of Salvador, wanted to make the leap to the international scene, and despite the unpleasant surprise that many of his devotees received, giving up his time in Spain, he installed its new base of operations in an emerging market for which no one gambled. In 2013, from Oslo, Salvador began to develop much of its entrepreneurial activity and now has three own premises.

His exquisite technique and good reputation have made certain brands want to echo for making collaborations with which it is already considered one of the best barbers in the world -as well expresses the specialised press in the field of male beauty as GQ-. Salvador reincarnates his own alter ego in the barber industry through Lord Jack Knife, who has served as ambassador for companies such as Acqua Di Parma (ITA), Hennessy (FRA), Mouet Eye Wear (ESP), Brooklyn Grooming (USA ) and Mel Bros Co. (MEX), cosmetic brand, the latter, with which it has established a close bond and together, in 2015, have set up their headquarters in Guadalajara (Mexico) with the recent opening of a unique local.

Salvador lives in a cozy house, but divides his time between Europe and North America, teaching seminars and courses for future barbers and professionals.

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