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  1. Hola camaradas barbudos 🙂

    Ya tenéis disponible en un nuevo e-book donde esclarezco todas las dudas para comprender cómo realizar una adecuada higiene de la barba evitando problemas producidos por un mal uso de los productos cosméticos.

    Un guía sencilla y eficaz que espero os sea de gran ayuda.

    Consigue el e-book La Higiene de la Barba


  2. Lord Jack Knife was born at 11:00 am on July 28th 1983. Although if he could have chosen, he probably would do it between the 20’s and the 50’s. Some years later, he reproduces his arcady in his barber shop. In any moment, while an Edith Piaf’s disc is been played, he imagines himself leaping on the street, without even being daunted by a ‘no’. At the time when the beards start to grow, the school’s director said him ‘you ́ll fail’. But he leaped on the hill like an eremite being convinced to become a master barber, restorer, pioneer. “When I began, I said: I ́ve mistaken”. After some time he belays himself, committed to saxon schools, going through a niche that being so traditional it had been abandoned, he saw an opportunity instead of a handicap.

    He had breakfast, lunch and dinner learning the 14 steps shaving technique, what is something like to put your wrist to play the Wimbledon’s Final. He took up the old school’s tapered haircutting protocols to reach the perfect harmony between the upper and lower head part.

    Lord Jack Knife loves to be welcome with an Armstrong’s trumpet solo and a Jack Daniel’s on the rocks. He likes the classics, and much more the unknown than the brand new. He dislikes to wear shirt without tie or bow tie, he is mad about vests. His clothing must talk about him and the education, the culture and the good manners must coverage in style. Non-negotiable. He uses to take a cigar cutter and his briefcase when he leaves home. He loves the old english cars. He reclaims the manliness, struck since the 60’s with the ‘British Invasion’. And when he works, he does it seriously. Because his craft is one the oldest ones in the world. His body is straightly adjusted, he takes his client’s head as if he was giving shine to a crystal cranium, he straights the skin based on the facial anatomy.

    Lord Jack Knife, master barber, from eremite to sherpa, he is a guide who walks you to crown manliness.

    “When you visit a barber you stop being a boy to become a man”. Promise.


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